Company Profile
    Zhejiang Xianhe Special Paper Co.,Ltd. is the largest special paper producer in China, the company was established in 1997.  located in Shenjia Economic Development Zone of Quzhou city, Zhejiang province of china, has a registered capital of 150million RMB and fixed assets of 1000million RMB , occupied area of 1000 acres lands and 1500 employees . The company owns 17 lines of paper machine and 8 branch plants, primarily produce décorate base paper, tobacco industry base paper, printing industry base paper, food (medical)wrapping base paper and insulant paper , with annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons and sales values of 1.5billion RMB .

    In 2004, The company established its joint venture- Kingdecor (zhejiang) co.,ltd , which was established by Schattdecor AG of Germany and Zhejiang Xianhe Special Paper Co.,Ltd ,with a registered capital of 10million European dollars, mainly engage in the produce and sales of top quality décor base paper.  Based on her abundant financial and advanced technology, In 2006, The company entered Henan province  by setting up Henan Xianhe Special Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd , with a registered capital of 100million RMB,  which is

engaged in the production of total chlorine free wheat straw pulp and cultural paper production , the technology of her TCF wheat straw pulp production has reached to world class .
    With unique insight, the company identified the future development direction of the industry and purchased 770 acres of land in Donggang industry development zone of Quzhou city, Zhejiang province in 2007 , in 2009, PM16 and it’s coated paper machine (PM2 ) was installed and commenced operation , PM17 and it’s coated machine (PM3 )is being under construction and installation, and will be commenced operation in Sept, 2011.  The establishment of the Donggang production base proved to be a successful special paper production network covering china.
    The company successfully obtained the ISO9001 Quality and ISO14001 Environmental Standard Certification, FSC forest certification and QC certification, with the implementation of these effective controls , the company’s performance in product quality , environmental protection and work safety have been improving continuously. Besides, international management practices have also been incorporated to align the management standard of the company with those of the international community.